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UPDATED: Has NASA approved new videos for To The Stars Academy??

written by Jason Goldthorpe March 16, 2018
UPDATED: Has NASA approved new videos for To The Stars Academy??
There are rumours circulating tonight on YouTube and on the web that NASA have handed over two films to To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science. According to Mauricio Ruiz YouTube channel who says that the material is now in the hands of an ex-DoD official.


It is alleged that an insider at NASA has handed over the films to Luis Elizondo the former head of the Pentagon’s now infamous Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program or AATIP. Could these films be part of the initial confirmation on UAP’s showing them entering earths atmosphere off the southern coast of California? It is known that Tom Delonge did have a meeting with a NASA representative during the piecing together of T.T.S.A. and it is thought that that person in question is not yet ready and willing to step out into the public domain, so these rumours could well serve true to the UAP community.

(Please note the following video replaces the original which was recently pulled from YouTube)

The footage

Any new film may well be stranger than any of the other previously presented by TTSA and any subjects in them probably would not have been filmed by The Ratheon FLIR sensors. Instead, they may have been captured in the suns shadow of the earth, or perhaps by cameras fitted on satellites. If proven to be true, then the films would no doubt be nothing short of amazing.


In a more recent social media exchange we received an impromptu response from Dr Garry Nolan regarding this story…

“Could it be that Nolan isn’t yet read in to exactly which videos are acquired? Mauricio Ruis certainly seems sincere with his claims.”

– UAPinfo

“This is of course always possible. But then someone would be lying to me and that would surprise me. That doesn’t mean the facts might not change. But as of the time I wrote it, it was true. Now– someone might INTEND to give him something but they haven’t let any relevant recipients know of such intent.”

– Dr. Garry P. Nolan

In a direct response to UAPinfo’s original article on Friday night shared via Facebook Dr. Garry P. Nolan of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science has commented –

“It is 100% untrue. Sorry…”

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