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The Unified Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim and the UAP Phenomenon

written by Sven Kolbow April 30, 2018
The Unified Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim and the UAP Phenomenon

A field drive that generates its own gravitational force and lifts a flying object into the air was Burkhard Heims dream.
A drive, as used in the “flying saucers” – as they were called at that time.
Over the course of decades, the lacerated Burkhard Heim created a theory that can explain more than the standard model of particle physics, loop quantum gravity, or string theory.
Heim’s theory also works without the assumption of dark matter, a big bang and explains the “ghostly long-distance effect”.

Ockham’s razor calls …

Albert Einstein researched until the end of his life about the unification of quantum theory and gravity and came to no conclusion. But he realized: A description of the structure of matter must be revealed through geometry.
Since then, many have been trying to find a way to unite what seems to be incompatible and failed.
One theory that can do just that, namely the union of gravitation and electromagnetism, is the unified quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim.

Burkhard Heim geometrized gravitation and electromagnetism in a so-called mesofield and therefore he had to mathematically describe 2 other dimensions – a 6-dimensional world. In addition, Heim received a formula for the calculation of elementary particle masses through his “Quantum Geometric Structure Theory”, which was tested positive at DESY and astonished the particle physicists there. None of the current popular theories are able to predict all known and also some unknown elementary particle masses, so precisely.

However, the problem of assessing this theory requires an experienced structural theorist, as well as a relativity theorist and 1 year of research and training. Burkhard Heim has never published an article in a trade magazine. The little he has published was on 880 pages in books written in German. Since the entire professional world of physicists attach’s great importance to the form of the publications, it was outraged. They demanded that they be able to participate in the research by publishing his theories regularly in recognized journals.

But Burkhard Heim wanted to support his theories only by experiment – besides, he had several other reasons, which gave him a hard time. The German physicist Illobrand von Ludwiger, former head of MUFON in Germany and current head of the IGAAP, and a dear friend of Burkhard Heim for many years and has written a book about him, describing it aptly in a sentence: “His approach was wrong on the one hand, because the modern science lives of communication, as well as right, because he came to results faster “.

But who was Burkhard Heim?

Burkhard Heim was born on February 9, 1925 and was a highly talented child. He taught himself reading at the age of 3 and prefered to read science fiction. At the age of 8, he developed a kind of shorthand of 1000 Chinese characters to quickly write down everything that interested him.

He decided he wanted to become a rocket scientist.

Driven by his intentions, he taught himself chemistry and, at the age of 11, he was able to produce in professional safety, dynamite and nitroglycerine in the basement of his parents’ home. He made his first rocket at the age of 12. At age 14, he is fired from his school because he avenged himself with booby traps on some teachers. At the age of 18 the year was 1943 – Burkhard Heim had his high school graduation on a school evening and was called up shortly thereafter as a soldier.

As a soldier, he developed a novel termite explosive and sent his findings to the chemical-technical Reichsanstalt in Berlin.
Hermann Goering personally ordered the 19-year-old man to Berlin. He then received an appointment with the great Werner Heisenberg. He gave him the idea of ​​a chemically ignited hydrogen fusion bomb, but Werner Heisenberg advises him against it, because it may not reach the necessary temperatures, he said. This process led 10 years later in the US to the so-called “pure fusion bomb“.

Nevertheless Burkhard Heim carried out further experiments and a manipulated explosive device exploded in the laboratory. He lost both hands, burned his face and chest, lost the eyesight of his right eye, the left eye was badly damaged and the ruptured eardrums made him hard of hearing. In many operations, one of his arms was provisionally reworked as a gripping arm. He got a hearing aid, a pair of strong glasses and enrolled immediately in 1946 in Göttingen to study chemistry.

But he could neither read nor follow the lectures. There was always someone had to help him. During this time, Burkhard Heim developed his absolute memory. There are very few people in the world, most of them are autistic individuals who have absolute memory. These people are called “savants” – the knowers! They are able to read a book page within a few seconds and even admit the content of the page even years later.

In pop culture, this ability became gained more exposure through the movie Rain-Man starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. In 1949 he began to study theoretic physics. He graduated in 1954 by Friedrich von Weizsäcker.
Von Weizsäcker enabled him to investigate supernovae star explosions in a working group, but he quickly realized that due to his disability he was not able to work in a team. In the following years he held several lectures at a symposia for astronautics.

He was trying to get funds for his research into a novel propulsion for spaceships. This money would allow him to pay an employee even temporarily. An English journal for aeronautics once said: “a theory that leaves Einstein far behind”.
The German relativity theorist Pasqual Jordan (member of the Nobel Prize committee) helped Burkhard Heim to prepare the experiment for his theory.

Burkhard Heim died in 2001.

A world formula? No, but a world selector!

Burkhard Heim described in his world view that we exist in a 6-dimensional world in which all elementary particles exist in a 6-dimensional geometric structure and that the big bang never happened.
There’s no need for hypothetical particles such as gluons.
There may be an autonomous consciousness outside of a living carrier.
All theories are logical, theoretically derivable and physically sound.

The two additional dimensions are, not as nested in string theory, but real spatial dimensions. The idea that six dimensions were necessary for a geometry was not new. Quite early quantum physics, it was thought about additional dimensions, which was again rejected because one could not describe the nature of these dimensions. And just because it makes sense mathematically does not mean that it exists. Already Roger Penrose, mathematician and teacher of Stephen Hawking, had the idea of ​​dimensions X5 and X6 – but could not explain these physically and spoiled his ideas again.

Burkhard Heim received his so-called contrabaric equation through his field theory. This described a transformation of electromagnetic fields into gravitational acceleration. Heim could thereby theoretically derive the so-called Blackett effect, which describes that charge-free masses generate a magnetic field, as observed in fast rotating space objects.
However, this equation not only describes the field drive developed by Heim, but also some of the physical phenomena associated with landings of UAPs, for example, magnetized street signs, generation of cold or deprivation of heat, generation of microwaves, and storm-like twisting of trees under the flying object without wind.

Antigravity - The Unified Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim and the UAP Phenomenon
For example, sometime after-CE-2 magnetic measurements were made, confirming that it had an impact of at least 1 million Gauss or 50 Tesla, which, according to Heim’s theory, could drive a 2-ton object.
Also, the phenomenon of the so-called “solid lights”, which were often described in connection with kidnappings could be explained with the Heim-theory.

solid lights - The Unified Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim and the UAP Phenomenon

An experiment, which could have provided this proof, was to be carried out in the 1980s at the aerospace company MBB (Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm) in Berlin, but the required 2 million Deutsche Mark could not be applied for.

Burkhard Heim described in his theory that the 5th dimension organizes the world by probability and the 6th dimension describes the coordinates of the organization in time. Heim goes further and describes in a dimension equation that there must be a total of 12 spatial dimensions.

The dimensions X7 to X12 have a spatial but not energetic structure.

Dimensions X7 and X8 translate information about a probability into our experienced world.

X9 to X12 are highly symmetric timeless structures, that can intervene in every spacetime event.


We read on the homepage of the TTSA of “engineering the space-time-metric”. A very unusual formulation, indicating a geometric field theory. We also know that Hal Puthoff is working on the theory of antigravity propulsion and Illobrand von Ludwiger confirmed to UAPinfo that Hal Puthoff had already in the 1990s collected everything he could find about Heim’s field theory and we explicitly asked Mr. von Ludwiger as a physicist of DASA (formerly MBB, then EADS, then Airbus, now Ariane Group) whether DASA would have had anything against it, that they test the field drive at the Institute of Advanced Technology, Austin, Texas.
“You in Germany are 30 years farther than we are here in America,” said American physicist Harold E. Puthoff when he attended a lecture on Heim’s Field Theory in May 1997.

Is the drive of the new propulsion concept postulated by TTSA based on Burkhard Heim’s unified field theory?

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