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The Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Technology

written by Adam Goldsack May 13, 2018
The Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Technology

Luis Elizondo was the director of the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) from 2010 until he left office in 2017. AATIP was the pentagons ‘UFO’ program which investigated military encounters with advanced aerial phenomena. The program was also tasked with understanding the physics behind the advanced propulsion displayed by in such case reports as the Nimitz (2004) ‘tic-tac’ case.

As director, Elizondo was able to establish an understanding of physics which had direct implications to a classification system that captured advanced ‘craft’ operating in our atmosphere. As reported and documented, these ‘objects’ have the ability to traverse incredible distances in seconds.

This is the stuff of science fiction come to life.

The official pentagon reports suggest that the physics involve manipulating space-time, so essentially no rules of relativity are being broken, however….they are being bent.

Recent research papers officially engaged by the pentagon show the theoretical mathematics behind how space-time can be manipulated.

22FD3588 D31B 47D0 9639 8205CF4879DE 300x149 - The Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Propulsion TechnologySteve Justice was a Lockheed Martin program director who retired late 2017. He has since disclosed space/time distortion within propulsion aerospace application is not only attainable but that we are only years away from having the technology in the civilian world.

So surely then a base line understanding of Time-space-gravity and how it applies to aerospace propulsion has been extensively researched, developed and mastered at the very classified level whilst the rest of the world has scoffed in ignorance.

What about their understanding of time in itself? Has there been some extreme eureka moment of understanding in the classified world of how time is considered? Has the same physics been ignored in general civilian physics? And if so how or what has been the difference?

To answer such questions we must look at statements from those directly involved.

In a detailed interview from May 2018 Elizondo speaks with the mutual UFO network (MUFON) and discusses various topics including space-time.

In fact, one could use the analogy, time is like a fuse, and the parts of the fuse that have already burned that are ashes—that’s the past. The part of the fuse that remains intact—that is the future, and this moment, this flash right where the future becomes the past—that’s the present. If you were to look at that moment in space-time, and you were to go ahead and magnify that, you’d find something very, very interesting…. The point of ignition, where that point of future becomes the past, is really hard to define, because, if you were to zoom in close enough, you would see parts of the fuse burn unevenly. Parts of the future and parts of the past are kind of lying over each other, and we’re now seeing this in the quantum world.


-Luis Elizondo, Mufon article, May 2018


Now the question that we are left asking, how much of this is from Elizondo’s own opinions and how much is he trying to tell us to ‘read between the lines’.

He purposely uses the phrase ‘maybe’ to indicate that it is his own opinion and speculation. One perspective is that he potentially knows more than he can say and is allowing us to know some discovered truths through plausible denial strategies.

But this may not be the case.


…what we perceive as linear space-time maybe others don’t. In fact, maybe these are things that have lived here forever, before us. Maybe, we share the space with them. So to say that things are from outer space or inner space—there’s a lot of different options, a lot of variables. So we can speculate all day long where these things are from, but until we have more data, we have no idea. People say, well, if they’re not from here, they must be from over there. Well, not necessarily. They could be from anywhere, and I’m not a smart enough man to tell you or the readers that they are from outer space, because, frankly, I don’t know and I could be wrong.


– Luis Elizondo, Mufon article, May 2018

Reading between the lines we can determine that the  phenomena of space-time application seems to be more than potential extra terrestrials traveling from there to here. The phenomena appears to be a vastly complex issue involving everything from outer space to inner space.

If as people are suggesting this initiative is a 7-8 year process then we are in for a wait to find exactly how and what deep black projects uncovered and how advanced space-time manipulation technology can be implemented into our global economy.

We may never fully know how the classified world has been a step ahead of the non classified civilian world with this advanced propulsion technology theory and application. But as long as it applied and shared within the civilian world does it really matter?

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Dr. Michael P Masters May 13, 2018 - 10:06 pm

Based on the morphological characteristics of the “aliens” themselves, it is likely that the spacetime manipulation has more to do with manipulating time (and specifically reorienting worldliness toward the past to achieve backward time travel), than for extra terrestrials traveling from there to here. Most of the evidence points to a time travel, rather than space travel explanation for the UFO phenomenon.


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