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Return of UAPinfo

written by Adam Goldsack May 4, 2018
Return of UAPinfo

We started out shortly after October 11th 2017, although we didn’t know it at the time we all had started down a path which would lead us on a  journey to wonderful and yet some dark places.

It wasn’t until December 16th that things started to pick up. In a way we were all given the subconscious green light to engage the subject. Conversations started to happen between future team members commenting on various threads on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Advanced Aerial Tweets’ group was formed and for the months following the Dec 16th NYT article the core group formed. The group span 5 countries with experience going back to the early 90s and at the centre lays a desire to push disclosure of the phenomena.

The decision was taken to form a small independent website dedicated to investigating cases and publishing articles relevant to the field UAP field of study.

UAPinfo was launched March 9th 2018 – coincidently the same same day TTSA released the ‘Go Fast’ video. Articles on the advanced aerospace threat identification program came thick and fast combined with utilising a sceptical analytical approach to UAP case reports.

Consciousness was a big area which was extensively covered by multiple team members. Influential pieces into disclosure and people in the public eye pushed UAPinfo into the forefront of advanced thinking minds.

The team is very diverse from all different backgrounds and political views, we have learned to respect the opinions and differences of others, sometimes the lesson was harder than other times but we can through as a team. We knew that what we are doing meant more, sometimes we took our own personal space, but we are always called back.

We set about with music, videos, art and novels all relegated to the UAP phenomena. We spanned all social media and reached into every forum in one way or another….

We have covered all a vast array of stories from all angles.

Most notably we have made multiple contacts within the ‘field’, some of which are involved directly with TTSA and some are deeper. We have been careful to mindfully navigate through dark elements and fraudulent sources in the civilian world.

One of our most credible sources lead to our forefront article on the Atacama Humanoid which was released having acress to data ahead of time.

We received various threats from unhappy people within side Ufology under the impression we are part of the ‘evil cabal’ who are wanting some form of Alien false flag invasion with ET technology.

We have upset various elements promoting the efforts of TTSA on media channels. We have been hampered and blocked from some of the biggest people in the field due to false accusations of who we are.

And then at the end of April we suffered a massive hit from a very sophisticated hack. The intention was to take down the site and to destroy data.

We regrouped and fought back to create a better platform to support the disclosure efforts.

This is the return of UAPinfo………

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Steven May 5, 2018 - 11:52 am

I say expose all the ufo people who attacked/blocked the site

Christian Flynn May 6, 2018 - 4:54 am

It is very possible it was someone just taking down the site for nothing but kicks.


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