History, confirmation and UFO/UAP disclosure – An assessment of the situation

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Tom Delonge and Luis Elizondo cruising down the road of disclosure


The UFO/UAP field has a rich, often bizarre and unendingly fascinating history. Within this history there has been the occasional, organised call from within the UFO/UAP investigation field for an official disclosure by the US Government and military. Significant examples of this include, but are not limited to, the callings for US Congressional hearings by Major Donald Keyhoe in the 1950s and 60s, the Disclosure Project of Dr Steven Greer of the 90s and early 2000s and the current push by To the Stars Academy directed by the rock-star and UFO researcher Tom Delonge. It is this current disclosure push that I would like ponder in the following paragraphs.


Since the T.T.S.A coming out party last October and the major feature article by the New York Times last December, T.T.S.A has to date released three short videos of recent UFO/UAP encounters. These releases have been accompanied by interviews in the mainstream media to promote the recordings and to give them context. This focus on the mainstream media seems to indicate that the target of T.T.S.A is the wider public, the politicians who answer to the public and not the UFO community. Focusing on these two groups seems sensible enough as it isn’t ufologists who need convincing of the reality of the phenomenon and if congressional hearings are to occur, which will be essential in disclosing what the US Government and military know about the subject, the public must be informed and then leveraged to pressure the relevant politicians. The UFO community hasn’t been ignored entirely though as T.T.S.A has made a consistent effort to at least keep the UFO community up to date via news outlets like Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp emerging as their preferred interviewer and most recently the presentation given by Luis Elizondo at the most recent MUFON symposium.

Luis Elizondo, the most publicly active of the members of T.T.S.A aside from Delonge, is a former member of the US military. With this in mind it is no surprise to anyone who has been following T.T.S.A that they have been openly pro military. This has been measured however with an ongoing criticism of the unnecessary totality of the blanket secrecy that accompanies UFOs and the associated black technology.


This measured, but significant push for disclosure by Tom Delonge and his cohorts has energised the field. Their continuing interaction with the mainstream media has done much to make the subject more credible. One thing however is missing from the T.T.S.A disclosure push and that is the integration of the complex and significant history of the UFO/UAP phenomena into their disclosure narrative. So if T.T.S.A are not facilitating a complete disclosure, the one where the United States President addresses the media and confirms the reality of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, what type of disclosure are we getting? It is my opinion that what we are witnessing is a confirmation of the existence of the phenomenon coupled with the construction of a narrative built around selected pieces of UFO/UAP history. This is a narrative that will maintain black world secrecy whilst introducing a hopefully world changing technology. To quote Delonge in the leaked Sekret Machines teaser,


“One, there are certain things that should never have been secret. Two, there are secrets that were justifiable at the time but should now be disclosed. And three, there are things that are so terrifying and unimaginable that certain interests believe that they should never, ever be made public“.


For the moment then, in T.T.S.A we trust and now with the creation and recent announcement of the A.D.A.M Research Project it definitely seems possible that we will see tangible evidence of exotic technology emerging from T.T.S.A. As stated on the organisations website,


“Project ADAM, an acronym for Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials, will focus on the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin.”


If the efforts of T.T.S.A are not derailed a type of disclosure is definitely going to unfold even if it does set aside a great deal of UFO/UAP history and mythology. The eminent researcher Richard Dolan has often said that disclosure is both impossible and inevitable. What T.T.S.A is providing lands squarely in the middle-ground of this paradox, a diplomatic disclosure. A way for secrets to be kept, a way for secret keepers to stay hidden, a way for allegations of criminality to be dodged and hopefully a way to be made for the emergence into the white world a version of an existing black world technology based on knowledge garnered from UFOs.


The See'r August 5, 2018 - 11:27 pm

Here are a few of what I believe to be important questions that need to be answered, and quickly too if ‘disclosure’ on a mass scale is really right around the corner. Here goes nothing – is it the apparent exoconsciousness controlling these non-Newtonian objects that results in the post-encounter effects on humans – as noted by Vallee-Davis in their paper on incommensurability and high strangeness? Or are the post-effects a result of human interactions with the physical objects alone, a natural result of the underlying physics, due some ‘unknown’ vibration or radiation? And do back-engineered metamaterials based on these objects have the same effects on the human brain? And might some sort of protection against these effects be developed? Or would active education and indoctrination of the World’s population mitigate the post-effects on the human brain without the need of any other protections?

Christian Flynn August 6, 2018 - 10:42 pm

Thanks for your comment Kevin. You raise some very interesting points. We are looking forward to hearing more of your story in the future 🙂


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