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Fox’s Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the ‘Go Fast’ footage

written by Christian Flynn March 13, 2018
Fox’s Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the ‘Go Fast’ footage

The first two recordings included in the T.T.S.A. community of interest have, along with the flawed but enticing live introduction, invigorated popular interest in the UFO/UAP topic more than any event in recent history.

‘Go fast’, is the third video release via T.T.S.A., and is the topic of this article along with the accompanying coverage by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Tucker, and his ilk at Fox News are not elements of our news network to which I generally pay much attention or give much weight. Regardless, they have done a terrific job recently of covering of the UAP/UFO releases by T.T.S.A.

T.T.S.A. is an organisation comprised of one rock star come ufologist, some extremely well qualified scientists and engineers blended with high level ex-US military and intelligence personnel who all seem to share an enthusiasm for a legitimized form of UFO/UAP disclosure. Regardless of our (or at least my own) reservations having the military and intelligence community involved in our unorthodox interest, T.T.S.A. has emerged as the tip of the UAP/UFO disclosure spear in what is to rumoured to be one of many fronts in this most recent revelatory effort.

Forward looking infrared, also known as FLIR. An acronym, and a technology, we have all recently become familiar with presents us with an image of military precision. From right to left we see a small white blip travel over the white and grey surface of what could be, according to scuttlebutt happened upon by our team ( Looking at you Giga ), the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego, USA. The blip then changes from white to black and is captured by a floating square of shifting dimensions. The audio accompanying the visuals provides us with a picture of human and machine focused on a single target and then the joy kicks in, of capturing albeit technologically, a fast moving, unknown something. A tantalizing, unknown other in which the US military is apparently very interested. And interests it seems is what these releases by T.T.S.A. are all about.

To quote Mr. Carlson –

‘UFOs have captivated the public imagination for decades but they have always been dismissed, including by ME, as the province of wackos. But that is changing’.

It is Mr. Carlson’s preconceptions and those of his viewers that are the target of this release. The dialogue between he and Mr. Elizondo on last nights edition, is not dissimilar from the first interview in which they engaged. The disinterest and lack of investigation of the DOD is alluded to but left alone and the strangeness and general qualities of the captured element of the phenomena are noted. This however in my opinion is beside the point. As I mentioned above, the point of this release by T.T.S.A. is not to elucidate the details of the phenomena but to legitimize the phenomena in the minds of his viewers and also to keep the momentum of the previous release rolling.

Momentum leading to what end though? A general acknowledgement of the phenomena? We know we want more , but will T.T.S.A. deliver? And AGAIN, Tom, where is our spaceship? We will find out in time.

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