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Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

written by Sven Kolbow May 1, 2018
Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

Case Report: Zdany U.A.P.
Case ID: GLP010
Date: January 8th, 2006
Location: Zdany, Poland
Three men were driving along a rural road in Poland near the Belorussian border as they watched an object make strange movements over a field.
When the engine of the vehicle failed, the men decided to get out and take pictures of the object.

Zdany4 - Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)


These Photos are Hi-Res pictures. Skeptics often argue that the quality of the pictures are very “fuzzy”. These pictures prove, that it isn’t true.Zdany5 1 1024x770 - Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

The critics have also said that the object was hung on nylon threads and that they are kitchen utensils… 

Zdany3 1 294x1024 - Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

The researcher Rafal Nowicki together with Waldemar Czarnetzki calculated that the object had to be about 1,5 – 2,8 meters in diameter. This also corresponds to the descriptions from the witnesses. If this Object was hung up to nylon threads, you would probably see them.

Zdany6 1 - Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

After that the critics said, that the Photos were edited. The analysis of the Original EXIF-Files also proved them wrong.Zdany7 1 - Case Report: Zdany U.A.P. (2006)

There are eight Hi-Res pictures of the incident. These are some of the best ever photographed. However, only seven of them have been released to the public, as the eighth image shows the witnesses who, because of their destination, wish to remain unknown to their families.

Probable Explanation:
Rafal Nowicki has been investigating the case for several years and he is sure that the witnesses are credible and the photos are genuine. The object is an unknown.

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