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The USS Nimitz case report from 2004 is one of the first officially released ‘UFO’ cases unclassified by the pentagon. The case involves a white ‘tic-tac’ object which performs advanced propulsion beyond current terrestrial ability and understanding. Here is the unclassified official DOD 13 Page Report.


Case Report: The USS Nimitz
Case ID: GL006
Date: November, 2004
Location: Pacific Ocean, 80 nautical miles from the coast of San Diego.


Between 12:00 and 13:00 the USS Nimitz encountered a Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, the object was around 40ft long, white and resembled a ‘tic-tac’. The object was able to hover without any signs of standard aviation propulsion aka wings, rotary blades etc. The object was able to drop from 80’000 ft to 20’000 ft instantaneously.


“The objects appeared suddenly at 80,000 feet, and then hurtled toward the sea, eventually stopping at 20,000 feet and hovering. Then they either dropped out of radar range or shot straight back up”.


—USS Princeton radar operator


The object was engaged by multiple F-18s and witnessed by several pilots. The first fighter aircraft was piloted by Commander David Fravor, commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41, assisted by his weapon systems officer in the back seat, and the second was piloted by young recruit LtCdr. Jim Slaight and his WSO, serving as a wingman. They were then training aboard two FA-18 Super Hornets in a routine combat exercise.
Fravor began a circular descent to approach the object, but he claimed the UFO was intentionally avoiding any short range dogfight radar lock-on with “impossible” maneuvers that made any engagement of the F-18 impossible.

As Fravor got closer descending, he reported that the object began ascending along a curved path too, maintaining some distance from the F-18, mirroring its trajectory in opposite circles. Fravor then made a more aggressive maneuver, plunging his fighter to aim below the object, but at this point he said that the UAP went away with a tremendous acceleration and became out of sight in less than two seconds, leaving the pilots “pretty weirded out”.


“I have no idea what I saw. It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s. But I want to fly one”


— Cdr. David Fravor, in The New York Times.



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Operation specialists and Radar Operators:


1) Kevin Day


Kevin Day is a retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, a former Operations Specialist and TOPGUN Air Intercept Controller with more than 20 years’ experience in Strike Group air defense including war-time operations.

He has openly discussed his experience with the USS Princeton’s Combat Information Center that discovered the fleets of anomalous air contacts, now known as the Tic Tac UFOs, in the skies above Southern California in November 2004. While working on the Princeton (a support ship for the USS Nimitz) on November 10, 2004, he noticed 8-10 objects on the radar scope in the vicinity of the Catalina Islands. They were moving south at 28,000 feet and 100 knots, which is quite slow for something that high in the air.

He states that the objects traveled in a loose formation that resembled snowflakes falling in the sky and were observed on and off for several days. By November 14th, he became concerned because an air defense exercise was scheduled for the Nimitz, and the unknown objects represented a hazard for safe flight operations. From November 10th through the 16th, there were some 100 sightings of the unidentified formation by around 20 naval staff aboard the Princeton and other ships, Day cited. According to other radar operators, the craft at times fell straight out of the sky from 80,000 ft. to just 50 ft. above the water in a matter of seconds, as well as zoomed in from outer space to 80,000 ft

Kevin Day spoke on Coast to Coast Am with George Knapp and on phenomenon radio with John Burroughs in June of 2018 to confirm the incident.


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2) ‘Trevor’


In June of 2018 another witness was confirmed by researcher Jeremy Corbell. Trevor was reportedly a E4 (Petty Officer Third Class) Naval Operations Specialist, providing command technical information and assistance related to Anti-Surface and Anti-Air Warfare.

As a radar operator, he was a direct witness to one of the most current and well documented UFO encounters in modern history.

Trevor is the first witness to mention ‘flying saucer’ objects involved within the case. Although it must be noted Cmr Fravor touches on a submerged object below the ocean surface with circular dynamics.

Trevor spoke with Jeremy Corbell to confirm the incident in June 2018.


See Extraordinary Beliefs interview with Trevor here (2018).






The case report video (see above) – FLIR1 is the second of three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official declassification review process of the United States government and approved for public release.



Official Report:


There exists a classified and unclassified report into the USS Nimtiz Case. We examine the unclassified case.


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The 13 page report documents multiple encounters with these AAVs (Anomalous Aerial Vechicles) across more than just the USS Nimitz.



This case is unique as it is primarily a military encounter. The data captured in this case report involves gun-camera footage (see above video), radar data and multiple military witnesses including fighter pilots within he F-18s. The case along with the ‘FLIR1’ gun camera video footage was designated for public release for 2017, first reported in the New York Times on December 16th.
The object fits the criteria for a Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: sudden and extreme acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans-medium travel, and positive lift.



It must be considered that the Nimitz 2004 case is the first and only officially verified case of a UAP, it is the most detailed and accurately sourced case to date. The case involves a craft of advanced propulsion which is caught on radar and gun camera footage, backed up by military witness testimony.


ESCM-Classification: ( (MVF-1) +5, (MWTAT-3) +7, = 12 ) (A) Unidentifiable


Working Hypothesis: Craft is of unknown origin, however is unlikely ‘terrestrial’ based upon the officially recorded advanced propulsion technology of the craft.