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Case Report: Middlesbrough (2018)

written by Adam Goldsack May 3, 2018
Case Report: Middlesbrough (2018)

Unidentified object(s) were captured on camera over Middlesbrough, England. There was one witness who came forward with video footage.


Case Report: Middlesbrough (2018)

Case ID: GLP010

Date: 05/04/2018

Location: Middlesbrough, England


Whilst walking home from a friends house around 7pm, a unidentified male noticed some dark objects in the sky. At first he believed them to be a flock of birds but soon noticed that they looked like some sort of military plane flying in a slightly curved path followed by four small, round objects. The individual took out his phone out and started recording. He observed them for around 1 and a half minutes before losing sight of them in the distance.

There was just the sound of the plane as it passed by.

-Individual witness



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The video is the only source of digital record of the event (disclosed to date), there only appears to be one witness to the event who has come forward (although the statement given by individual says he is walking with friends).

The original video has been edited with music which hinders the validity of the recording. The object(s) were reported as having a plane sound as it passed which potentially indicates terrestrial technology such as a military plane (audio of plane not verified in video, potentially from another source).

The formation of the object is static and sequenced along with the 4 other objects (they keep formation).


The case is hindered by a singular sourced anonymous witness, along with an edited unclear video. The sound of a plane although could potentially be from another source indicates terrestrial technology propulsion (chemical propulsion ignition). Sadly the case lacks any depth to formulation a valid working conclusion.

ESCM- Classification: ( (CWT-1) +1, (CVF-1) +1, = 2 )  (E) Identified

Working Hypothesis: Potential military craft, terrestrial technology.


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