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Case Report: FAA Pilots Report (2018)

written by Adam Goldsack May 1, 2018
Case Report: FAA Pilots Report (2018)

In February 2018, four commercial pilots from separate planes witnessed a ‘UAP’ at an altitude of 30’000 ft. above the skies of Arizona. The FAA audio transcript was released to the Phoenix New Times news agency who ran the story. 

Case Report: FAA Pilots UAP Report

Case ID: GLP015

Date: 24/02/2018

Location: Altitude of thirty thousand feet, Arizona, U.S.


A glowing ball of light ‘UFO’ was reported by multiple commercial pilots whilst flying at 30’000 ft. above the state of Arizona, United States. The object was described as having no obvious flight propulsion characteristics and resembled a glowing ball of light traveling above the commercial aircraft. The pilots in this case have come forward and the FAA audio has been released to the media. One of the pilots, Blenus Green was a former B-1 air force pilot.

It was very bright but it wasn’t so bright that you couldn’t look at it. You know, you almost wanted to look at it to try to figure out what it was. It didn’t look anything like an airplane. You know, most airplanes, you’re going to see some kind of wing surface, some type of a tail, really no matter what type of airplane it is

– B. Green, commercial pilot.

CNN Video with FAA audio:

2 pilots in report seeing UFO in Arizona


FAA Statement:

We don’t have any comment beyond what you hear. We have a close working relationship with a number of other agencies and safely handle military aircraft and civilian aircraft of all types in that area every day, including high-altitude weather balloons.


The case was reported to have been witnessed by several commercial pilots which gives credibility to the case. The FAA have also come forward to rule out any other known terrestrial possibility. The object based on pilot testimony suggests the object is an unconventional propulsion craft with no visible means of thrust. The craft was not (that we are aware of) captured on radar. The several pilots involved are unlikely to fabricate the story due to the risk to their careers (however we accept this is speculation).


This case is benefitted from having multiple seemingly credible pilot testimony. The case is further backed up through the release of FAA audio accounts from the incident and the statements disclosing that there was not supposed to be any other craft in the area at the time.

ESCM Classification: ( (GWT-3) +4, (GWTAT-3) +6,  = 10 ) (B) – Unidentified 

Working Hypothesis: Unidentified Object with an Unknown Origin, potentially advanced terrestrial technology, potentially not terrestrial.


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