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Case Report: Ariel Phenomenon

written by Sven Kolbow May 4, 2018
Case Report: Ariel Phenomenon

Case Report: Ariel Phenomenon

Case ID: GLP005

Date: September 16th, 1994

Location: Ariel School, Zimbabwe


More than 60 children watched while playing at lunch break, as a silver disc landed and two beings about 3 to 4 foot, left the aircraft. The children reported in shock that the beings looked strange. So these beings are said to have big heads, big almond-shaped black eyes and a porcelain-colored skin. Several students reported that the beings, through telepathic contact, expressed their concern for the ongoing environmental destruction of man.

Arielpic1 - Case Report: Ariel Phenomenon


Since the statements of the 60 children are almost identical and complemented in several respects, the case caused a worldwide sensation. In addition to hundreds of others, the Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, John E. Mack, examined the case for two days. As an experienced child psychologist, he talked to the children about the incident.


Dr John E. Mack came to the conclusion that the experience the children had was genuine and the children did not invent their story. Even over 20 years later, the former students still remember the incident very closely and film maker Randall Nickerson is currently filming a documentary on the incident.


Probable Explanation:

Since this is not the only report on beings who have communicated their concern about the destruction of the environment, the question of a targeted influence can be asked!

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